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Gale's Giggles is the part of this site where I share a bit of my humor. To explore the artistic side of Gale's Gifts, click here. This shop is run through CafePress. I also sell products through other venues, and you can find out about my other shops by clicking here.




Red Sleep Deprived Parent T-shirt

Can Your Inner Child Come Out and Play? Mug with Sun

WARNING: Tantrum Zone Toddler Tee

I Drank the Water Button

Can Your Inner Child Come Out and Play Onesie

Sleep Deprived Parent Greeting Card

Messy Dog Shirt

Sleep Deprived Parent Messenger Bag

I Drank the Water Maternity Shirt


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Body by Baby Maternity Design
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Style 2
Souvenir Belly
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Funny Percentage Designs
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Sleep Deprived Parent Warning Sign Design
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Tantrum Zone Warning Sign Design
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I Rule With a Cute Little Fist Design
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I Drank the Water Maternity Design
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I Drank the Water Maternity Design 2
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Can Your Inner Child Come Out And Play? Design
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Toddler in Training Design
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Where's the Snooze Button Crib Design
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Artistic Designs
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Send me a photo of you in a photo of you or your child wearing one of my t-shirts, hats or aprons ( or your pet wearing one of my dog t-shirts) and let me use it on the site, and I'll send you a free button, magnet, or sample pack of cards and stickers.   Send pictures to with the subject TEEPICS!

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